Custom Bottling

Bottling Line Close Up at Whisky River Ranch

Whisky River Ranch Winery is pleased to be able to offer custom bottling services.

Custom Bottling Form:

Before we can assess your needs, please fill out the Custom Bottling Form and email it to or fax it to us at (707) 512-7631.

Things to know:

Fictitious Business Names:

Every label approved by the TTB ( must have a vintner’s statement declared on the front or back label with the name of the fictitious business name along with the location of the bottling winery.

You must have a DBA addition for each fictitious business name that you would like to use on your label. This must be completed before we can apply for a TTB Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) for each wine that you wish to bottle.

Whisky River Ranch Winery, LLC will add your trade name(s) to our TTB Basic Permit file your Fictitious Business Name (FBN) statement with Napa County and publish it in a Napa County newspaper for the required four week period. This process will take approximately 5-6 weeks, and you will be billed back for these services depending upon the number of trade names being filed.

You will need to authorize us to add your trade name(s) to our Basic Permit. Please see the Sample Letter of Authorization template below, and return the signed letter created on your letterhead to or fax it back to us at (707) 512-7631.

Bottling Statements:

Every label must have a production statement. You may select one of
the options below:

  1. Produced Statement: This may only be on the label if the wine was produced at
    Whiskey River Ranch Winery. If you meet these requirements then you may say:
    - Produced and bottled by (Fictitious Business Name), St Helena, CA 94574
  2. Vintner’s Bottled Statement: Will be used when shipping wine into our facility from
    another bonded facility. You may say:
    - Vinted and Bottled by (Fictitious Business Name), St Helena, CA 94574
    - Cellared and bottled by (Fictitious Business Name), St Helena, CA 94574

Label and Package:

The Whiskey River Ranch Winery bottling line can bottle traditional cork finished wine. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot bottle screw caps. If you have bottled before, please forward a sample of your label or bottled wine to us to help us assess
your bottling needs.

Sample Letter of Authorization
You can cut and paste the text below directly into a word-processing document. It must then be printed/copied on your own company letterhead and signed. You can either fax the document to us at 707 512 7631, or scanned and emailed to


Letter of Authorization


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter authorizes Whisky River Ranch Winery, LLC (BWN – CA 5921) to add the following trade name(s) to their Basic Permit, file and publish a Fictitious Name Statement in Napa County, and apply for Certificates of Label Approval from Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), prior to the custom bottling and labeling of our wines:

Trade Name #1

Trade Name #2

Trade Name #3

Trade Name # 4

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Your Name & Title
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Phone and Email Contact Information

For additional questions, call us at (707) 512-7640.